PCFI Mission

To preserve and present the Philippine heritage and culture as our legacy to future generations and our contribution to the diversity of this region and the State of Florida. [more]

Yugyugan 2016 Photo by David Martinez III

PCFI Officers 2016-2018

Philippine Cultural Foundation, Inc. Executive Officers for 2016-2018, Board Members and Committee Chairs.

PCFI Officers 2016-2018

PCFI History

History of the Philippine Cultural Foundation, Inc.

Built in 2001, the Center is a spectacular and an exceptional arts and events facility that offers a spacious 9,900 sq. ft. of carpeted and chandeliered convention, exhibit and event hall for the use of the organization and its members.

The Bayanihan Arts and Events Center

About the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center.

Bayanihan Arts and Events Center