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Bahay Kubo at PCFI

The Bahay Kubo Project is an effort of the Philippine Cultural Foundation, Inc. to construct a Bahay Kubo (also known as Nipa Hut) at the Philippine VIllage of the Philippine Cultural Enrichment Complex in Tampa, Florida. To date, this structure is the only one of its kind in the Tampa Bay Area. The Bahay Kubo at Wikipedia is a small stilt house indigenous to rural Philippine dwellings and has been iconized as a symbol of Filipino architecture. PCFI’s Bahay Kubo Project is chaired by board member Sylvia de la Cruz.


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“November 13, 2014: The Philippine Cultural Foundation, Inc. presented PPAC, Philippine Choral Group and Musikong Kawayan Bamboo Ensemble in a cultural presentation for more than 600 school children from Hillsborough County through the support...

Bahay-Kubo Project

Bahay-Kubo Project

PCFI’s “Bahay Kubo” Project is an extensive attempt to replicate the ‘bahay kubo”, a typical Philippine house made of bamboo and coconut. With an approximate size of 600 square-feet, this will be an important...