Category: Filipino Basketball Association

fba-logoThe Filipino Basketball Association of Tampa Bay began in 1992 as a small basketball tournament among Filipinos in Pinellas County, Florida. The first league was held outdoors at a park and did not have official referees. Sometimes, the officials would have to sweep the water off the courts after a rain.

From that humble beginning, the league now holds two tournaments a year (Winter Tournament and a Summer Tournament) and has divisions for all age-brackets.

The FBA also represents Tampa in the Annual Philippine Intercity Basketball of North America (PIBNA). This tournament features teams from different East Coast Cities in the US and Canada.

FBA Missions

  • To promote camaraderie and friendship among Filipino-Americans in the Tampa Bay and Pinellas Counties
  • To provide a channel for ecercise, recreation and competition. It is also an outlet where younger players can showcase their talents. We are proud to say that during the recent years, two of our players have gone to play in the Philippines: Bobby Simpson (who played in the PBL Cobra team) and Chris Ellis (who is presently a member of PBA’s Barangay Ginebra Team and a former member of the Gold Medal Winning Smart Gilas Team).
  • To keep the young ones busy with basketball because busy teens stay out of trouble. Being involved in basketball also teaches them sportsmanship, discipline and dedication.

Philippine Ambassador Revisits Tampa

His Excellency Ambassador Jose Cuisia revisited the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center and met with Filipino-Americans in the Tampa Bay Area on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.