Category: Hernando County Philippine-American Association, Inc.

HCPAA, Inc. Objectives

The Hernando County Philippine-American Association, Inc. is a charitable, non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-stock, and a non-profit civic organization which is recognized by the state of Florida since October 4, 2005.

Our association was established with the following objectives:

  1. To pursue activities that foster goodwill, friendship and camaraderie and strong cultural ties among the Filipino-American residents and other nationalities living in Hernando County and surrounding areas.
  2. To organize social and cultural activities for a better understanding of the Philippine culture and historical awareness of the Philippine civilization.
  3. To support and engage in voluntary activities that fosters members’ as well as community well-being.

Benefits of Members

  • Members are given a small amount of cash in time of qualified hardship in the family through the association’s Hardship Program.
  • Qualified children of members are given annual academic Excellence and    scholarship awards in form of cash and  certificates through the   association’s Academic Excellence and Scholarship Program.
  • Members are given discounted rate in sponsored events of the association.

Annual Membership

Family $15 (with children below 18 years of age)

Single $10 (18 years old & above)