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Philippine American Chamber of Commerce
The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay was reorganized in 2004 to support the Philippine American community in the region. We were formed to advance the business community both economically and socially. Backed by the support of a growing community to become one of the most diverse organization.

The Chamber’s goal is to create a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energy, and resources to help Filipino-American start or grow their business. Today, we are revitalizing the organization with specific mission, vision, and core values. The Chamber is currently run by Board of Directors and lead by Erica G. as President.

By joining the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce, you are contributing to our community, exposing your business, and welcoming a diverse population within the Tampa Bay region. You gain limitless opportunities while enriching the economy and lifestyle of our entire community.

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Philippine Ambassador Revisits Tampa

His Excellency Ambassador Jose Cuisia revisited the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center and met with Filipino-Americans in the Tampa Bay Area on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.